Wednesday, September 26, 2012

 Home from the Hospital!

We came home from Phoenix Children's hospital today after Whitney had a Melody Valve placed in her pulmonary valve.  Hospital stays are never fun, however, Whitney's personality continued to make people smile.  Whitney taught every nurse that worked with her a little sign language.  The wonderful hospital team brought her a countless number of dog toys, as well as dolls, movies and an iPad to play with.  She would actually sign, "I like the hospital, the hospital is fun".  Eventually her blood pressure would have to be taken, or blood would have to be drawn and she would sign, "I don't like the hospital.  I hurt, and I want to go home".  She signed several times, "I want to go home and jump on the trampoline with Nick".  She still can't walk because her leg is so sore, but she was thinking about jumping on the trampoline.  The most difficult part of our stay for me was when she signed, "Where was Gabby when she died?  (She knew the answer was "in the hospital")  She continued, "am I going to die?"  Then she signed, "I'm scared because Gabby died at Hospital.  Whitney's at hospital"  My heart ached with concern for her fears.  I also was amazed that she could communicate all of this to me.  I explained to Whitney that she was not going to die and was going home to be with her family, but she had a look of distrust in her eye.  I knew she wouldn't believe my words until she actually got to go home.  When we finally arrived home tonight, as expected, she was so happy.  She asked me what my favorite part of the hospital was.  After I answered, she signed, "My favorite (was the) two hospital dogs".  My heart is filled with gratitude for all of her wonderful Doctors,  nurses and especially Raulie and Tiger.  This picture was the smile that Raulie brought right after she had been so upset.  Love those dogs!

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