Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cutie Patootie

We are noticing more and more how Whitney loves information to be absolute.  Abstract thinking just confuses her.  At church, the children were asked, “what does Jesus do for you to show you that he loves you?”  One child said that he gave her a family.  Another said that he gave him a home.  Whitney signed, “Jesus died”, then sat down.  Yep, she knows the facts, but can’t understand the meaning behind things. 

On the same lines, schedules have become a very important part of her life.  They help her to organize her complex day into facts and calm her anxiety about each day.  She has learned that anything on the calendar is absolute truth.  If it is there, it usually happens. I walked by the fridge with our Martha Stuart calendar and saw that Whitney added something.  “Dannie come over” spelled correctly and everything.   Ha ha, my smart girl wanted her friend to come over.   If it’s on the calendar, it must be true.

Friends are so important.  Whitney wants friends desperately.  After a fun cheerleading practice with coaches giving her piggyback rides, and lifting her up into different fun cheerleading poses, she always says that her favorite part of cheerleading is her friends Lucy and Ally.  I’m so grateful for this cheerleading program.  It is a place where Whitney can be her self and feel a sense of friendship each week.  This photo of her and her friend Ally won the “Cutie patooies” award in the January issue of the North Gilbert Breeze newspaper.